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How to be a normal person was my second book by tj klune and at first i was reluctant to read it i somehow doubted 5+ stars because of pure awesomeness i probably never laughed so much and so hard about a book in my whole lifewith casey showing up gustavo starts to learn more about himself and his feelings and that is where the title of the book comes into play how to be a normal person to be with casey gustavo thinks that he needs to research and go through the steps to be a normal person so that casey would be attracted to himi made my reservations flew from chicago to lax rented a car and drove to hollywood my mission research as much as i could about the hollywood of the 1920s particularly by spending time at the margaret herrick library of the academy of motion picture arts and sciences reading through the scripts and papers of mary pickford and frances marion my two girls in the picturewhat first caught my attention about how to be a normal person was that the love interest is asexual this is so rare casey is an asexual stoner hipster when he moves to gus hometown of abby oregon and starts working at his favorite coffee shop he instantly knows that he and gus will be best friends though this idea horrifies gusfirst you have to stop thinking of yourself as not normal introverts are different than extroverts different doesnt mean abnormal the problem is that we live in a world that celebrates extroverts and people who are loud and bold just be

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